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Abbey Waterfalls - Near Mercara City

Abbey Falls, sometimes refered to as Abby Falls, is situated just 7 kilometers from Madikeri town. Reaching the place is a jolly ride in itself as the road that you drive on is very narrow with lots of turns and twists, ups and downs. A smiling mother nature welcomes you at every turn.

This famous falls, situated on a private property, attracts a large number of tourists around the globe. The water level swells during monsoon. It is highly advised neither to swim nor to go close to the waterfalls. The falls is more enjoyable within the fenced area wherefrom you get its friendly pose for your camera! The best place to have a better view of the falls is by standing on the hanging bridge opposite to the falls itself.

Distilled water, bottled juice and snacks are available at sight. Other neccesaries are to be purchased well in advance from the city. People with knee pain must be carefull as several steps are to be climbed down to reach the falls. Stay within the fenced area. Do not swim. Do not get over exited and tresspass the fence.

Location: 7 Km from Mercara City

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